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What is image resolution and what resolution do my images need to be for printing?

Resolution is measured by the number of squares of colour information that is held in an inch. It is referred to as "dots per inch" or dpi. Images for commercial printing need to be placed or embedded into your designed files at a high resolution of 300 dpi. Images from the web are usually 72dpi and any image that is less than 300dpi is not suitable to use for commercial printing. Images with a resolution less than 300 dpi will look fuzzy and pixilated with jagged edges in your finished product. If you enlarge an image, you lower the resolution. If you reduce an image you can increase the resolution - so as long as your original image is large enough you can increase the dots per inch and decrease the final size.

How an image was originally acquired will determine its resolution and the size that should be used for printing to ensure a crisp and clear outcome. Resolutions higher than 300 dpi do not improve the image quality enough to make a difference, it will however make a much larger file that takes longer to upload. If you are purchasing stock photography for your project, make sure you purchase the image in a 300dpi format, not 72dpi. If you are taking digital images from your camera, or using a scanner to obtain the image, be sure your settings are calculated for a high resolution of 300dpi.

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